AJK PM Ch Anwar ul Haq Pledges Unwavering Commitment to Development and Good Governance

In a heartening meeting with a public delegation, Prime Minister Azad Kashmir Chaudhry Anwar ul Haq reassured citizens of the coalition government’s dedicated efforts towards addressing the concerns of the people and advancing its comprehensive development agenda in the state.

Prime Minister Anwar ul Haq shared that the recent development committee meeting of the cabinet has given the green light to projects spanning the entire state. Emphasizing inclusivity, he mentioned that particular attention has been directed towards the development of backward areas, ensuring they are brought on par with the more developed regions. Furthermore, he announced the equal distribution of development funds across all constituency segments, promoting balanced progress.

The Prime Minister expressed his satisfaction with the political stability in Azad Kashmir, highlighting the coalition government’s primary focus on fostering development and the well-being of its citizens. In a stance against divisive tactics, he remarked on the commitment to serve the masses and acknowledged the unwavering support and confidence he enjoys from the people of Azad Kashmir and the members of the assembly.

Addressing concerns about potential disruptions, Prime Minister Anwar ul Haq emphasized the resilience of the system, stating that it cannot be derailed to fulfill personal desires. He urged a collective understanding that the government is dedicated to utilizing taxpayers’ money for the welfare of the people.

The delegation, appreciative of the Prime Minister’s good governance initiatives, lauded the government’s commitment to transparency, development, and citizens’ welfare. The positive sentiments expressed during the meeting underscore the collaborative efforts of the coalition government to build a prosperous and equitable future for the people of Azad Kashmir.

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