Raja Qadeer Khan Condemns ECP Decision to Withdraw PTI Symbol

Calgary: Leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Raja Qadeer khan, has expressed strong disapproval of the decision to withdraw the electoral symbol from PTI. He stated that this move by the Election Commission of Pakistan raises questions about the transparency of future general elections in Pakistan.

In a statement from Calgary, Raja Qadeer khan emphasized that there is no doubt that Imran Khan is a popular leader of the country, and PTI is the most popular party. He asserted that there is a conspiracy underway to sideline PTI by snatching its electoral symbol.

He mentioned that PTI candidates are being deprived of nomination papers, and those aspiring to participate in the elections are being arrested. Raja Qadeer khan urged for a level playing field for PTI to ensure fair and transparent elections in Pakistan. He called for giving the people of Pakistan the opportunity to freely express their opinions in the elections.

The PTI leader emphasized the need for free and fair elections in Pakistan, urging that PTI be given a fair chance to participate without any hindrance.

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