High-Level GPKSC Delegation Meets Pakistani High Commission on Tasaraf Incident

London, In a proactive move to address the security concerns of overseas Pakistanis returning to their homeland, the Global Pak Kashmir Supreme Council, led by Chairman Raja Sikander Khan and President Kala Khan, engaged in high-level discussions with the Pakistani High Commission in London.

The meeting, prompted by the recent tragic incident involving Chaudhary Tasaraf from Rochdale, England, focused on enhancing security measures for overseas community members during their visits to Pakistan. Ch. Tasaraf fell victim to bandits disguised as police officers, a scenario not unfamiliar to the expatriate community.

The delegation, including prominent figures from the British Pakistani/Kashmiri community, met with His Excellency High Commissioner of Pakistan Dr. Mohammad Faisal and Deputy High Commissioner Dr. Faisal Aziz Ahmed, emphasizing the need for robust security measures and decisive action against perpetrators harming innocent overseas community members.

Raja Sikander Khan, leading the delegation, urged the Government of Pakistan to implement stringent security protocols and take swift action against criminals attempting to target returning overseas Pakistanis. He also highlighted the importance of ensuring that once community members clear immigration, customs, and tax channels, they should not face further interference on their way to their destinations.

In response, His Excellency expressed his condolences to the family of the deceased and assured the delegation that the recent incident was actively under investigation by Rawalpindi Police. He pledged to take strict action against the perpetrators and instructed the High Commission staff to formally request the Pakistan Interior Ministry to ensure that overseas community members face no further obstacles once they clear airport channels.

The meeting concluded with prayers for the deceased and a shared commitment to prioritizing the security and well-being of overseas community members. The proactive stance of the Global Pak Kashmir Supreme Council reflects a collective effort to safeguard the interests and safety of those returning to their roots.

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