Pakistan Overseas Community Global Delegation Holds Meeting with IG Punjab

In a significant and positive development, a delegation from the Pakistan Overseas Community Global recently had a fruitful meeting with the Inspector General of Punjab Police, Dr. Usman Anwar, in Lahore.

The delegation, led by the Chairman of Pakistan Overseas Community Global, Mr. Tariq Javed, included prominent members such as Kamran Amin Malik, Barrister Babar Hashmi, Adeel Munawar, Muhammad Usman, Eid Muhammad, Sadiya Sahil, Mazhar Qureshi, and Imtiaz Marza.

The heartening discussions during the meeting primarily focused on addressing the challenges faced by overseas Pakistanis, especially in terms of their properties and the issues they encounter. Dr. Usman Anwar assured the delegation that special cells have been established in every district to provide immediate relief and support to overseas Pakistanis, acknowledging the importance of addressing their concerns promptly.

A notable highlight of the meeting was the emphasis on enhancing coordination between the Punjab Police and the Pakistan Overseas Community Global to effectively resolve the issues faced by expatriate Pakistanis. To streamline this coordination, a dedicated focal person within the police force has been appointed.

Expressing gratitude, Chairman Tariq Javed extended his thanks to the Punjab Police for their proactive measures and initiatives aimed at facilitating the Pakistani diaspora residing abroad. This positive step reflects a collaborative effort to address the concerns of overseas Pakistanis and strengthen the bond between the community and law enforcement.

The meeting was attended by key officials, including Additional Inspector General Operations Punjab, Prince Sultan, DIG Logistics Atif Ismail, AIG Prince Bilal Omar, and AIG Inspection Shazia Nadim, showcasing the commitment of the police force towards ensuring the well-being and protection of overseas Pakistanis. This collaborative approach signifies a positive direction in building stronger ties and addressing the needs of the expatriate community.

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