Shakeel Ahmad Meer Unveils Vision Pakistan: A New Dawn for Economic Growth

After the 2024 elections in Pakistan, confidence among investors has seen a notable surge. Renowned British Pakistani businessman and investor, Shakeel Ahmad Meer, based in the Emirates, has announced the launch of Vision Pakistan under his private trading group. The announcement came during a press conference held in Dubai, organized by the Al-Mudassar News Agency.

Mr. Shakeel Ahmad Meer articulated that Vision Pakistan aims to stimulate economic development and social progress in collaboration with the new government. His vision is to pull Pakistan out of its economic crisis and foster increased investment in the country. Emphasizing his commitment, Meer expressed plans to visit Pakistan later this month to advocate for Vision Pakistan and forge partnerships with the incoming government to bolster Pakistan’s economic landscape.

Among the initiatives outlined, Shakeel Ahmad Meer highlighted the introduction of eco-smart housing projects tailored for overseas Pakistanis. Additionally, he unveiled plans for the Tradegate ecosystem, designed to showcase Pakistani products globally and enhance exports, thereby attracting foreign investment into the country.

Dr. Umeer, President of the group, underscored Vision Pakistan’s core objective of empowering Pakistani youth economically by promoting self-sufficient employment opportunities. He emphasized the establishment of growth hubs to catalyze economic growth and nurture talent within the country.

The executive chairman of Group, Shakeel Ahmad Meer, is set to launch vision Pakistan in Pakistan, where he intends to engage with local investors and government officials to further the objectives of Vision Pakistan.

This strategic initiative holds promise for Pakistan’s economic resurgence and underscores Shakeel Ahmad Meer’s commitment to fostering sustainable development and prosperity in his homeland.

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