Zubaida Aman Foundation Demands Security from Authorities against Extremists

Haripur: Zubaida Aman Foundation (Welfare Trust), renowned for its care, upbringing, and education of disabled children, has requested security from the local administration against provocative speeches. According to details, Zubaida Aman Foundation submitted a request at the Ghazi police station, urging the administration to provide security amidst inflammatory speeches. The foundation claimed to have served the Ghazi region selflessly for almost thirty-five years, with the primary concern being disabled children. To address this issue, Zubaida Aman Foundation (Welfare Trust) has deployed seventeen buses and thirteen vehicles from its personal funds, facilitating education for all children in the area, including the underprivileged.
On February 11th, Ehtisham Afzal, also known as Sham Khan, held a speech at Hujra Adeel Iqbal, Khulabat Township, inciting people to set Zubaida Aman Foundation’s buses on fire. This action was to spread fear among the people, promoting unrest and misconduct.
The presence of Malik Adeel Iqbal and his instigation further fueled terror in the area. Additionally, employees of Zubaida Aman Foundation and bus drivers are terrified. Afzal openly declared during his speech to set the buses on fire.

Following the speech, to spread further terror and harass people, the speech was broadcasted on the Facebook channel ‘Ghazi News One’ to prevent people from traveling on Zubaida Aman Foundation’s buses, which is considered a crime under the Electronic Crimes Act. The video and screenshots of the speech are safely stored on mobile phones, and a copy is available on a USB drive along with the application. Zubaida Foundation’s Secretary, Tahir Shah, requested to file an FIR against Ehtsiham Afzal and Malik Adeel Iqbal, and take appropriate action.

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