Big Achievement: Chaudary Abdul Rauf Laid Foundation of IPP Lawyers Wing

Islamabad (PK News): In a significant achievement for the Istekham Pakistan Party, IPP Islamabad President Chaudhry Abdul Rauf have laid the foundation of Party lawyers’ wing. Under the leadership of Abdul Wahid Qureshi, senior lawyers of the Supreme Court and High Court bars have joined the party, with President PTI Islamabad Chaudhry Abdul Rauf welcoming them to the party by presenting them with party scarves.

During the inclusion ceremony, the lawyers made an announcement to support of IPP candidate Syed Hasan Zafar from Islamabad. According to details, Abdul Wahid Qureshi has been appointed as the President of the PTI Advocates, Advocate Supreme Court Iftikhar Bashir as Senior Vice President of IPP Lawyers Wing, Advocate Yasar Khan as Secretary General, and PTI Lawyers Wing Islamabad has also been appointed. Notifications were distributed among the office bearers by Chaudhry Abdul Rauf.

On this occasion, President IPP Islamabad Chaudhry Abdul Rauf said that the PTI is gaining popularity rapidly among the people, and with the inclusion of lawyers, the party will become more robust. Abdul Aleem Khan and Jehangir Khan are the sincerest politicians towards building a prosperous Pakistan.

He further stated that Abdul Aleem Khan’s vision is a Happy Pakistan, and we will advance his vision by ensuring the rule of law, economic prosperity, and the happiness of the people in the country.

Sajid Abbasi, Arm Rashid, Muhammad Roman Kiani, Tamoor Sti Advocate, Nafees Khan, Nadeem Yaqub, Wahid Hussain, Zeeshan Rahim Mughal, Sahil Saleem Awan, Abdul Ghaffar Qureshi, Sheikh Javid Nadeem, Usama Rahman Khan, Naseer Hussain, Azeer Advocate, Fahmida Kanwal, Muhammad Sadiq Khan, Kashif Murtaza, Raja Waqas Advocate, Imran Talat, Raja Anser Mahmood, Chaudhry Khurram Mansoor Advocate have also become part of the IPP Lawyers Wing.

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