Ministry of Science & Technology to appoint new chairman Pakistan Science Foundation

Islamabad (Asghar Hayat)The Ministry of Science and Technology has invited applications for the post of Chairman Pakistan Science Foundation. This announcement comes as the current Chairman, Dr. Shahid Beig, prepares to retire on December 27th, having served a commendable three-year term.

The PSF, recognized as the apex body under the Ministry of Science and Technology, plays a pivotal role as a financing agency for the promotion of fundamental research on scientific challenges integral to the socio-economic development of Pakistan. With a focus on translating the outcomes of scientific and technological research into tangible benefits, the PSF also oversees pilot plant studies that contribute to the nation’s growth.

The sought-after position of Chairman PSF, a distinguished MP1 scale post, is now open for applicants. The selected candidate, who will be appointed for a period of three years, is expected to hold a PhD degree in Natural or Applied Sciences, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of knowledge.

The ideal candidate is envisioned as an eminent scientist with a rich background in research and scientific administration, boasting a stellar record of impactful work within the scientific community. With a minimum of 14 years of professional experience, preference will be given to those with scientific administrative expertise. Additionally, candidates with a background in Administration and Financial Management at a senior level will be highly regarded.

As the current Chairman, Dr. Shahid Beig, prepares to step down, his legacy is celebrated not only for his dedicated service but also for his outstanding contributions to the field of science and technology. The President of Pakistan has acknowledged Dr. Beig’s remarkable achievements by nominating him for the prestigious civil award, Hilal e Imtiaz, recognizing his exemplary services in advancing science and technology.

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