Historic Step: Rawalpindi Commissioner Opens Doors for Overseas Pakistanis at Gymkhana Club

In a groundbreaking move, Commissioner Rawalpindi, Liaqat Chatta, has unveiled a momentous opportunity for Overseas Pakistanis, marking a significant triumph for the Overseas Pakistanis Global Foundation. The commissioner has officially declared the allocation of 100 exclusive memberships at Gymkhana Club Rawalpindi for Overseas Pakistanis.

A high-level delegation from the Overseas Pakistanis Global Foundation, led by Chairman Zaheer Akhtar Mehar, Vice Chairman Shaqeel Sheikh, and Legal Advisor Shiraz Khan, held a crucial meeting with Commissioner Liaqat Chatta to discuss this historic development.

During the meeting, Commissioner Chatta announced a major relaxation for aspiring Overseas Pakistanis, exempting them from the traditional requirements of a Bachelor’s degree and a physical interview. This move aims to facilitate Overseas Pakistanis in obtaining memberships at Gymkhana Club Rawalpindi by February 14.

Expressing his delight at this pioneering initiative, Chairman Zaheer Akhtar Mehar stated that this marks the first time in history that memberships at Gymkhana Club Rawalpindi are being extended to Overseas Pakistanis, bringing forth a momentous and joyous occasion for Pakistanis across the globe.

Acknowledging Commissioner Chatta’s dedicated efforts, Zaheer Akhtar Mehar highlighted discussions regarding the possession issues of Overseas Pakistanis’ assets. He expressed confidence that, in the upcoming days, Commissioner Rawalpindi will announce further facilities and initiatives to enhance the experience for Overseas Pakistanis.

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