Raja Sikander Khan and Kala Khan condemns killing of Chaudary Tasir

In a solemn response to the heart-wrenching news of the tragic killing of Choudhary Tasir, an overseas Kashmiri, Raja Sikander Khan, Chairman, and President Kala Khan of Pakistan & Kashmiri outfit, together with the esteemed think tank Global Pak Kashmir Supreme Council, have united to strongly denounce this senseless act of violence.

Choudhary Tasir, on his journey to his native village, Bihari Dadyal in Azad Kashmir, from Islamabad Airport, faced a horrific ordeal. Travelling through Rawalpindi, he fell victim to bandits disguised as Pakistani police, who callously attempted to rob him. In the unfortunate struggle that ensued, Tasir was fatally shot, and his belongings were callously taken.

Expressing deep concern, Raja Sikander and Kala Khan highlighted that incidents of this nature have occurred before, shedding light on the vulnerability of innocent Kashmiris traveling from Pakistan’s International Airports to their homes in Azad Kashmir. In a heartfelt plea, they call upon the Government of Pakistan, with a special emphasis on law enforcement agencies, to implement stringent measures ensuring the safety of overseas community members returning to Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.

The overseas community, known for its unwavering support during times of disasters, now finds itself at the forefront urging the Pakistani government to prioritize the security of its members. Raja Sikander and Kala Khan demand robust security measures and decisive actions against bandits and culprits attempting to harm innocent overseas community members returning to their homeland.

In their closing statements, Raja Sikander Khan and Kala Khan extend heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families and friends affected by this tragic incident. As voices for justice, they rally for a comprehensive and immediate response to not only address this particular incident but to ensure the safety and security of the entire overseas community, fostering an environment where every journey home is free from fear and peril.

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