Qasim Ali Shah Foundation Celebrates 7 Years of Empowering Lives Across Multiple Fronts

Lahore: Renowned motivational speaker Qasim Ali Shah’s Qasim Ali Shah Foundation marks its 7th anniversary today, April 1st. According to details, as the successful 7 years of Qasim Ali Shah Foundation come to fruition, millions of students who have benefited from the foundation have expressed their good wishes and gratitude.

Over the past 7 years, the services of Qasim Ali Shah Foundation have benefited millions of people overall. The foundation has organized countless courses on various topics including personal development. Hundreds of guest speakers have addressed participants, interviews of thousands of experts and celebrities have been recorded and published, book launching ceremonies have been held, scholarships have been provided to hundreds of children, thousands of students have benefited from visiting the foundation, dozens of couples’ disputes have been resolved through mediation, and guidance has been provided to hundreds of students regarding CSS exams.

It is noteworthy that utilizing a building (Qasim Ali Shah Foundation) consisting of multiple channels, opportunities for thousands of people to benefit have been provided in a comprehensive manner.

This remarkable milestone underscores the profound impact of Qasim Ali Shah Foundation in transforming lives and inspiring individuals to reach their full potential. Let us celebrate the foundation’s dedication to empowerment and look forward to many more years of positive change and growth.

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